Did you know my birthday just passed a little bit ago? Of course not. How could you? You don’t even know who I am. So, allow me to rectify the situation.

I’m Ronnie Ursenbach, host of the Banned Media Podcast, but more importantly for this endeavor, co-owner and co-founder of Little Brother Sight & Sound. I, along with my good friend and fellow Little Brother cohort – the incomparable film director Marc “not with a K” Hampson – have been making films and such for 15-ish years now, under the banner of Brotherhood Pictures. Of course, one could never bring up Brotherhood Pictures with out bringing up the other half of the equation: Paul and Aaron. But to put the proper respect on their names – Paul Olson, our resident brilliant cinematographer and mad man engineer; and Aaron Fairley, a producer who’s artistic sensibilities are only matched by his unwavering ability to create real world scenarios that let said artistic vision be put onto film.

Literally, what does any of this have to do with my birthday, you ask? Well, I will tell you. It was New Years not too long ago as well, and really, what is a birthday besides your own personal New Year? Both drive us towards this idea of a “New Year, new me”, but to quote an episode title of the More Than You See podcast, run by our good friend and film collaborator Debra Lee Smith, “New Year, New… NOPE!” Now, I would never be so bold as to summarize any episode of her fantastic podcast (which you should listen to), but in it, she warns us not to let the spirit of a new season discount who we are as people.

And that’s why I’m not here to introduce you to the new Brotherhood Pictures, or Little Brother Sight & Sound; I’m here to invite you along with us on our next evolution, to watch us grow. After 15 years of toil and struggle, making these films in the shadows, and using our skills for other people’s projects to get by, the winds of fate have changed and we will be diving head first into our own projects, full time.  And to top it off, I and my sparkling personality will humbly be your guide. So join me, as I bring you behind the scenes to get a taste of what it’s like getting to work with 3 guys that I have the joy to call collaborators, the honor to call friends, and the tendency to call assholes (all in good fun, I assure you). Come and dip your toe in our hot tub of creativity, and I promise you that the rest of the content on this site won’t be as creepy as the hot tub analogy I just used….mostly 🙂


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