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Little Brother Sight & Sound is an animation studio that believes in the power of story. We offer services in original content development, visual FX, post production, design and animation production.

Little Brother was founded in 2014 by filmmakers Marc Hampson & Ronnie Ursenbach in Brea, CA. A company built on the need to adapt and evolve, the studio strives to explore important universal questions and themes in unique and unexpected places

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Marc Hampson is¬†a multi-award winning¬†Director, Writer & Visual Artist with a longtime focus on independent work. Having studied animation and digital filmmaking in school Marc’s storied career has brings over 20 years of professional experience in the creative arts.

Marc Hampson

Creative director

A child of California’s suburban Inland Empire, Ronnie Ursenbach kept mostly to himself laying the stage for a rampant imagination fueled by cartoons, video games, movies and music. Punk rock taught him how to tear down everything to its emotional core and AP English taught him how to build stories back up. He brings this unique perspective to each project, always striving to make the viewer feel.

Ronnie Ursenbach

Executive Producer

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'Back to Work' an original animated series.

In Little Brother Sight & Sound’s ‘Back to Work’ we’ll explore how even though the world might have changed, some things never do. From creators Aaron Fairley and Marc Hampson coming in 2020 to digital social platforms.

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